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School Bus Delays
Name & Position Contact Info
Mrs. Patti  Dunlap
Director, Exceptional Children Services
455-2211  Ext:20203
Email Mrs. Dunlap
Misty  Williams
Exceptional Children Curriculum Specialist, 504 Coordinator and Homebound Coordinator
455-2211  Ext:20238
Email Misty Williams
Sandra  Dougherty
Exceptional Children Records Support
455-2211  Ext:20233
Email Sandra Dougherty
Kathy  McKellar
EC Data Manager - CECAS
910-455-2211  Ext:20224
Email Kathy McKellar
Erika  Smith
EC Finance Office Support

Email Erika Smith
Dr. Kacia  Bray
Speech Pathologist/Mealtime Safety Specialist

Email Dr. Bray
Camilla   Gholson
Lead for Visually Impaired

Email Camilla Gholson
Debra  Glenn
Lead for Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Email Debra Glenn
Dr. Roger  Hammel
Lead Physical Therapist

Email Dr. Hammel
Colleen  Larkin
Assistive Technology Specialist
Email Colleen Larkin
Kathy  Lockwood
EC Preschool Coordinator

Email Kathy Lockwood
Christine  Marro
Lead School Psychologist

Email Christine Marro
Sarah  Marsh
Lead Occupational Therapist

Email Sarah Marsh
Amy  Sherman
Related Services Lead, Lead Speech Pathologist
910-455-2211  Ext:56063
Email Amy Sherman
Dr. Katie  Wegman
455-2211  Ext:20243
Email Dr. Wegman
Kerri  Yancey
455-2211  Ext:20224
Email Kerri Yancey
Kim  Banks
EC Program Coach

Email Kim Banks
Julie  Barnes
EC Program Coach

Email Julie Barnes
Kim  Carberry
EC Program Coach

Email Kim Carberry
Jimi   Crampton
EC Program Coach

Email Jimi Crampton
Amy  Kresge
EC Program Coach

Email Amy Kresge
Jeaneal  Pylant
EC Program Coach

Email Jeaneal Pylant
Katie  Robinson
EC Program Coach

Email Katie Robinson
Teena  Stephens
EC Program Coach

Email Teena Stephens
Katie  Tallman
EC Program Coach

Email Katie Tallman
Lisa  Travis
EC Program Coach

Email Lisa Travis
Danielle  Burnash
School Psychologist

Email Danielle Burnash
Harmony  Coppola
School Psychologist

Email Harmony Coppola
Sophie  Duvall
School Psychologist

Email Sophie Duvall
Kelly  Hendry
School Psychologist

Email Kelly Hendry
Sarah  Lutz
School Psychologist

Email Sarah Lutz
Kelly  Mitchell
School Psychologist

Email Kelly Mitchell
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