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DLTS Guides and Documents

Ok, even we need to refer to "How To" Guides from time to time.  Keep checking back because as the new technology emerges so does the need for step by step user guides. 

Want a particular "How To" Guide?  Let us know and we'll make one.

1:1 Initiative (18 Files)
Digital Learning and Teaching Classroom Resources (Posters) (5 Files)
Download Digital Learning Platform 2016
Download Got Internet?
Download How to Log In
Download Standards of Practice 2016-2017
Download Digital Class Etiquette
District Issued Device & Personally Owned Device Forms (2 Files)
Download District Issued Device or Persoanlly Owned Device Agreement Form
Download District Issued Device or Personally Owned Device Responsible Use Guidelines
BOE Policies (5 Files)
Download Internet Safety: 3226-4205
Download Prohibition Against Discrimination, Bullying, and Harrassement (Cyberbullying): 1710
Download Technology Responsible Use Agreement Form: 3225-7320
Download Technology Responsible Use: 3225-7320
Download Use of Computers: 6523
1:1 Files (3 Files)
Download 1:1 Announcement Letter to Parents 2015-16
Download Multimedia Consent FERPA Notice - 2105-16
Download Multimedia Opt Out Form
Speak Up 2014 Data - Onslow County Schools Mobile Learning (1 Files)
Download Speak Up - Mobile Learing in OCS 2014
Bloom`s Digital Resources (1 Files)
Download Digital Bloom`s Taxonomy Poster
Conference Handouts (56 Files)
Download Ohio EdTech Participation Requirements
Download Powerpoint Presentation
Download Ohio EdTech Syllabus
Download KWL Sample Template
Download Smart Art Samples
Download Using Document Cameras
Download Sample Classification Table
Download Rubric Template
Download Sample of Organizing Data
Download Sample Newsletter
Download Cornell Notes Template
Download Pirates Webquest Sample
Download PPT Hollywood Squares Template
Download PPT Jeopary Template
Download PPT PowerQuest Template
Download PPT Wheel of Fortune Template
Download PPT Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Download Sample of Showing/Comparing Data
Download Sample Prezi Presentation (Senior Graduation Project - Zipped Folder)
Download Crayon Box That Talked
Download Mark it up/Crocodoc
Download Example PBL Checklist 7th/8th Grade Book Review Animoto Trailer)
Ohio Educational Technology Conference - Common Core...Do It With Technology (0 Files)
ENVISIONS Symposium 2009 - iPods as an Instructional Tool (Also see handouts under NMSA 2008) (1 Files)
Download ENVISIONS Symposium 2009 Agenda
ENVISIONS Symposium 2009 - DE Streaming, Science and You! (8 Files)
Download ENVISIONS Symposium 2009 - DE Streaming Agenda
Download Hyperlinking/embedding videos into PPT
Download Creating an Account & Forgot Username and Password
Download What is Buffering?
Download 50 Ways to Integrate DE Streaming
Download DE Streaming Project Planning Form
Download Using Close Captions in DE Streaming
Download Copyright Reminders
ENVISIONS Symposium 2009 - Promethean Board (Math & Science) (1 Files)
Download ENVISIONS Symposium 2009 Promethean Agenda
NCETC 2008 - Virtually There: Online Tools to Create Classrooms that Click (4 Files)
Download Agenda - NCETC 2008
Download Goggle Earth - Embedding TeacherTube and YouTube Videos
Download Google Earth - Embedding videos
Download NCETC Virtually There Websites & Resources
NMSA 2008 - iPods as an Instructional Tool (20 Files)
Download 2008 NMSA Agenda
Download A Hunting We Will Go - Podogogy
Download Connecting an iPod to a Projector
Download Connecting your iPod to a TV
Download Finding Podcasts in iTunes
Download iPod Anchoring Activity
Download iPod Nano - 3rd Generation Guide
Download Pedagogy & Podagogy PowerPoint
Download Planning your 1st Podcast
Download Podcasting for Education Websites
Download Saving a PowerPoint to your iPod
Download Subscribing for Podcasts for Dummies
Download Syncing Music to your iPod
Download Tony Vincent`s Podcasting Handbook for Teachers
Download Tony Vincent`s Tips for Downloading Videos to your iPod
Download Using an iPod as a Storage Device
Download Using Audacity for Podcasts
Download Using Camtasia for Podcasts
Download Video Converting Site Information - Zamzar
Download What is RSS?
Menus (1 Files)
Download Aug - Sept 2016 Menus
School Login 2016 Background (1 Files)
Download School Login 2016
Technology Plan 2014-2016 (1 Files)
Download OCS Tech Plan 2014-2016.pdf
Copyright (3 Files)
Download Copyright regulations.pdf
Download Copyright Chart
Download Copyright Guidelines
Destiny and Follett Shelf (3 Files)
Download 1:1 Laptop Circulation Type Setup
Download Accessing EBooks in FollettShelf
Download Exporting & Importing a MARC Record
Discovery Education (12 Files)
Download Creating an Account/Forgot Password
Download iPOD - Putting a DE Video onto your iPOD.
Download Saving/Downloading Videos
Download Uploading videos to an iPOD
Download Using the Calendar
Download 50 Ways to Integrate DE Streaming
Download Closed Captioning with DE Streaming
Download Copyright Reminders
Download How to Access Discovery School
Download How to Access the Interactive Atlas
Download DE Streaming Project Planning Form
Download What is Buffering??
EduVision (1 Files)
Download Live Streaming Set Up
Google Docs (Creating Forms, Surveys, Tests) (1 Files)
Download Creating a Google Docs Form
Microsoft Office 2007 (6 Files)
Download Making a Virtual Museum in PPT 2007
Download MS Office 2007 Teacher Walk Through
MS Word 2007 (1 Files)
Download Word 03 to 07 Interative Guide
MS Excel 2007 (1 Files)
Download Word 03 to 07 Interative Guide
MS PowerPoint 2007 (2 Files)
Download PowerPoint 03 to 07 Interative Guide
Download Virtual Museum in PPT 2007
Mimio (2 Files)
Download Hardware_Reference_Card-mimio_Interactive.pdf
Download Toolbar - Quick Tour
NCEd Cloud (4 Files)
Download Clear your cache.pdf
Download Claim NCED Cloud Account
Download NCEd Cloud Login (Grades 6-12)
Download NCEd Cloud Login for Elem Students
Office365 (1 Files)
Download Getting Students Started with Office365
OnslowView (2 Files)
Download Onslow View PD 1.pdf
Download OnslowView 5 Year Adoption Plan
Outlook E-Mail (http://mail.onlsow.k12.nc.us/exchange) (9 Files)
Download Accessing Public Folders
Download Attachments
Download Creating a Signature
Download Distribution Lists
Download Getting Started with Oulook Web Access
Download Outlook Client 2003 Setup - Video
Download Outlook Client 2007 Setup - Video
Download Public Folders - School Calendars
Download Tutorial Handbook
PowerSchool (HomeBase) (35 Files)
Download End of Year Final Grade Submission Checklist.pdf
Download Setting Up Gradebook to Calculate Semester and Final Grades - Semester Long Courses - CTE.pdf
Download Setting Up Gradebook to Calculate Semester and Final Grades - Semester Long Courses - No Exam.pdf
Getting Started (2 Files)
Download PowerSchool Reference Guide.pdf
Download Quick PowerSchool Reference Card
Attendance (1 Files)
Download Checking Attendance
Classes (3 Files)
Download Creating Custom Class Names
Download Exporting Roster into SMART Responders
Download Reordering Your Roster
Assignments (1 Files)
Download Adding Assignments
Gradebook (8 Files)
Download "Special" Scores
Download Adding Final Grade Comments and Overriding Final Grades
Download Calculating Weighted Grades
Download Changing K-2 Preferences
Download Installing Gradebook
Download Recalculating Final Grades
Download Reordering Your Roster
Download Viewing Grades for Dropped Students
Reports (Interim Reports, Custom Reporting, etc) (6 Files)
Download End of Nine Weeks - Printing Addendum
Download Grades 3-5 Interim Reports
Download Grades K-2 Interim Reports
Download Interim Reports by Homeroom Teacher
Download Printing Interim Reports
Download Student Multi-Section Report
Comments (1 Files)
Download Comment List
End of Grading Term Procedures (8 Files)
Download End of Term Grading 9-12.pdf
Download What to Do at the End of the Nine Weeks - Grades K-2.pdf
Download What to Do at the End of the Nine Weeks - Printing Addendum_1.pdf
Download Enrichment End of 4th Nine Weeks and Final Grades
Download Grades 3-5 End of the Nine Weeks
Download Recalculating Final Grades
Download Grades K-2 End of 4th Nine Weeks and Final Grades
Download Grades 3-5 End of 4th Nine Weeks and Final Grades
Parent Portal (2 Files)
Download Parent Portal Request Form
Download Parent Portal User Guide
Promethean ActivInspire (3 Files)
Download ActivExpressions
Download ActivInspire - Getting Started
Download Using Desktop Tools
SchoolinSites (Teacher Webpages) (3 Files)
Download Adding a Picture
Download Creating a Voki (avatar)
Download Creating Teacher Pages
Study Island (2 Files)
Download Navigating the Main Screen
Download Teacher Walk Through "Cheat Sheet"
USATestprep (www.usatestprep.com) (1 Files)
Download How To Add Teachers