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Facility Planning & Forecasting Documents


The Long Range Facility Needs Assessment (LRFNA) and associated documents may be termed a “compilation study” and is completed using information from contracted sources , Onslow County School Staff, NC Department of Public Instruction, local municipalities, County government, and numerous contributors within the community.  The LRFNA is a large document available for reveiw online, (bandwidth permitting), and is also available for review at all of the Onslow County Libraries.


North Carolina State University Demographic Research

North Carolina State University, OR/ED Laboratories has conducted first-hand research on the demographic trends of Onslow County annually since Thier projections over the years have shown to have a relatively low margin of error and is considered accurate for planning purposes.

Information used for student population projections are taken using a variety of models which weight such factors as school enrollment histories, subdivision growth, building, utility, and other permit histories, military rightsizing, as well as zoning and other restrictions on land use.

Once calculated, student projections are married to existing school capacities to produce “Out-of-Capacity” Worksheets. These worksheets provide graphic images of when each school will surpass its optimal permanent-structure capacity.

Folder Facility Needs and Assessments (4 Files)
pdf file 2012 LRFNA Summary
pdf file LRFNA Detailed Document
pdf file 2013 Capital Improvement Plan
pdf file 2015 Land Use Study
Folder Student Population and Capacity Projections (2 Files)
pdf file Integrated Planning for School and Community Report 2015 - 2016
pdf file Operational School Capacities 2015 - 2016
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