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Folder Bridges Power Point Presentations (1 Files)
Download Bridges II PLC 1
Folder Origami Patterns (6 Files)
Download Angel Fish
Download Cat
Download Fox
Download Nightingale
Download Penguin
Download Puppet
Folder Professional Journal Articles (27 Files)
Download Gaining insight into Childrens understanding Geometry.pdf
Download Geoboard How many Polygon.pdf
Download Geometry Results TIMSS.pdf
Download Gr3Building Mathematical Thinkers9 (2).pdf
Download KBuildingMathematicalThinkers13 (2).doc
Download Make Geometry Visual.pdf
Download Math Literature List.pdf
Download origami its not for squares.pdf
Download Origami Story telleing.pdf
Download Pattern Block Angles.pdf
Download Changing Shapes
Download Congruent or Not
Download Does it roll- slide
Download Draw it, Sort it
Download Draw it, Sort it
Download Facing the Future- Taking Shape
Download Facing the Future- Taking Shape Teacher Guide
Download Geometric Shapes
Download Geometry Room
Download Introduction to Quaterlaterals
Download Making Hexagons
Download Measurement How can we teach it better.
Download Pattern Block Angles
Download Pegboard Challenge
Download Shape by any other name
Download Whale of a Scale
Download Where are the angles
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