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Document Uploads

Folder Calendars (12 Files)
pdf file REVISED - 2017-18 Calendar 6-Week - REVISED 1-19-18
pdf file REVISED - 2017-18 Calendar 9-Week - REVISED 1-19-18
pdf file REVISED - 2017-18 Early College Calendar - REVISED 1-19-18
pdf file REVISED - 2017-18 Employee Calendar - REVISED 1-19-18
pdf file REVISED - 2017-18 Year-Round School Calendar - REVISED 1-19-18
pdf file 2018-19 Elementary & Middle Schools
pdf file 2018-19 High Schools
pdf file 2018-19 Onslow Early College
pdf file 2018-19 Year-Round Schools
pdf file 2019-20 Elementary & Middle Schools
pdf file 2019-20 High Schools
pdf file 2019-20 Year-Round Schools
Folder Communication Audit (1 Files)
pdf file OCS-brand-audit-2016.pdf
Folder OCS Communicator - February 2018 - Full Stories (1 Files)
pdf file Board News - February 2018
Folder OCS Communicator - November 2017 - Full Stories (8 Files)
pdf file BASES
pdf file Board News
pdf file Chairman`s Message
pdf file Class Size Information
pdf file PBIS
pdf file Principal of the Year
pdf file Superintendent`s Message
pdf file Website Changes
Folder OCS Communicator Full Story (7 Files)
pdf file Superintendents_Message_-_September_2017.pdf
pdf file Students_Helping_Others_-_September_2017.pdf
pdf file Celebrating_Excellence_-_September_2017.pdf
pdf file Board_News_-_September_2017.pdf
pdf file Chairwomans_Message_-_September_2017.pdf
pdf file One_to_One_Initiative_Milestone_-_September_2017.pdf
pdf file NCCAT_-_September_2017.pdf
Folder Parent Survey 2017 (1 Files)
pdf file Parent Survey 2017
Folder Raleway Font (1 Files)
zip file Raleway Font
Folder Communication Plan (1 Files)
pdf file Communications_Plan_Draft_(RB_4).pdf
Folder OCS Branding (23 Files)
pdf file BrandGuide-OCS (FINAL).pdf
ppt file Branding_PowerPoint.pps
doc file OCS_School_Sample_Letterhead.docx
zip file Raleway.zip
doc file OCS-Letterhead-2016.docx
ppt file OCS_Powerpoint_Alt.pptx
ppt file OCS_Powerpoint.pptx
png file OCS-logo-square.png
png file OCS-logo-no-tag-6.png
png file OCS-logo-no-tag-8.png
png file OCS-logo-no-tag-12.png
png file OCS-horizontal-logo-no-tag-8.png
png file OCS-horizontal-logo-tag-6.png
png file OCS-horizontal-logo-no-tag-6.png
png file OCS-horizontal-logo-tag-12.png
png file OCS-logo-name-no-tag-6.png
png file OCS-horizontal-logo-tag-8.png
png file OCS-logo-name-no-tag-8.png
png file OCS-logo-name-no-tag-12.png
png file OCS-logo-name-tag-6.png
png file OCS-logo-name-tag-8.png
png file OCS-horizontal-logo-no-tag-12.png
png file OCS-logo-name-tag-12.png
Folder Super News (0 Files)
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