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Geography Challenges

Joseph Vita (2nd) & McKenzie Bulris (1st)
Joseph Vita (2nd) & McKenzie Bulris (1st)
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Tiebreaker rounds determined both the middle and elementary Geography Bee top spots this year.

Students from across the district answered questions to determine how well they know the world. Contestants earned their spot at the annual district wide bees by being the top winners at their school-level geography bees.

Students answered challenging questions about various topics about geography including U.S. State Capitals, U.S. Cities, World Geography, Cultural Geography, Continents, Economic Geography, and Odd Items Out.

Fourth and fifth grade students competed Dec. 1, at Stateside Elementary School. After a nine round tiebreaker, two students finished in first place, Garrett Fincham, a fourth grade student at Dixon Elementary and Megan Farrelly, a fourth grade student from Hunters Creek Elementary. Logan Walters, a fourth grade student at Swansboro Elementary, secured second place.

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students competed Dec. 8, at Trexler Middle School. Five students remained after seven rounds, requiring a tiebreaker. McKenzie Bulris, an eighth grader at Southwest Middle earned first place. After the second tiebreaker, Joseph Veta, an eighth grader from Dixon Middle received second place.

This is the third year Onslow County Schools held elementary and middle school geography bees to test the geography skills of students, help promote geography education and foster students’ knowledge of the world around them.

Elementary contestants: Abigail Smith (fifth grade) Blue Creek; Kadin Karim (fifth grade) Carolina Forest; Garrett Fincham (fourth grade) Dixon; Megan Farrelly (fourth grade) Hunters Creek; Morgan Sayers (fifth grade) Meadow View; Eric Howard (fourth grade) Morton; Maggie Milbery (fourth grade) Queens Creek; Luke Bradley (fifth grade) Silverdale; Calvin McGee (fourth grade) Southwest; Riley Hart (fourth grade) Stateside; Logan Walters (fourth grade) Swansboro.


Middle school contestants: Joseph Veta and Jack Wilds (eighth grade) Dixon Middle; Nicia Medina (seventh grade) and Andrew Allgrim (eighth grade) Hunters Creek Middle; Sophia Lavigne and Liam Kinlan (seventh grade) New Bridge Middle; Aiden Brown (sixth grade) and Jacob Gump (eighth grade) Northwoods Park; McKenzie Bulris and Sullivan Brown (eighth grade) Southwest Middle; Bryant Douyon and Robert Beatty (eighth grade) Swansboro Middle; Jessica Housel and Ian Frederick (seventh grade) Trexler.

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