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Teacher Encourages Students to Participate in Red Ribbon Week

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      Red Ribbon Week is a week set aside to promote anti-drugs, anti-alcohol, and anti-tobacco messages among students. Community Prevention Services is a huge supporter of Red Ribbon Week, in that, they send out notices during the month of September asking Onslow County Schools to create and participate in an Anti-substance banner to be reviewed by a panel of supporting judges. Upon tallying up the scores from the judges, the schools had the potential to win trophies for a variety of categories.

     Judith Arevalo, a Curriculum Assistance teacher at Southwest High School, decided to talk to her classes and encourage them to construct a banner so they could creatively express how they felt about drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Mrs. Arevalo assigned each class a section. She assigned her 2nd period class the anti-drug message, her 3rd period class was assigned the anti-alcohol message, and her 4th period class was assigned the anti-tobacco message.  The backdrop for each set of frames was painted and attached to the frames.  Then each class worked on brainstorming slogans and then did research for each slogan.

     Each class fully partcipated in this project and came up with their slogans. Mrs. Arevalo's 2nd period class decided to use the slogan, "If you do drugs....You better hope that your date is a blind one." Then they created a collage of various negative aspects of doing drugs to look like a very unattractive date. Her 3rd period class decided to use the slogan, "AA doesn't mean that you are a good student"  Then they drew a teacher giving a student a slip of paper that stated that, due to being intoxicated and passed out on the desk, he needed to attend AA meetings.  Then,a collage of alcohol related photos adorned on his body. Mrs. Arevalo's 4th period class decided to use foam puzzle pieces to go with the slogan, "It is Always puzzling, why people use tobacco." Then they created a collage of various negative aspects of using different types of tobacco.  This particular section was very graphic and really emphasized the "WOW" factor that they wished to capture. 

     The students did a wonderful job on their project.They worked exceptionally hard to relate their ideas to the messages that they created.  As a result of their hard work, they were awarded the "Best Over All" trophy for the High School Division.  This trophy was presented to Mrs. Arevalo at a Board of Education Meeting, by Ms. Kellie Glenn (Community Preventions Services). 

Congratulations to Mrs. Arevalo and her students!