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What to Expect in High School
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What to Expect in High School

As you prepare for your 8th grade year, it is important to do so with goals for your future in mind. By the end of your middle school experience, you will have developed the skills, knowledge, and mentality necessary to be successful in high school.

High school students continue to build upon the foundation that was developed in middle school through a challenging and rigorous curriculum that is meant to ensure that graduates are ready for success in college, the military or the workforce. The NC Board of Education and the Onslow County Board of Education have developed the Future-ready Core Course of Study that outlines minimum requirements for graduation from an Onslow County School System high school.   More information about those requirements can be found on the following website. (http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/docs/gradrequirements/resources/gradchecklists.pdf)

For students entering ninth grade in 2012-13 and later, the following are required for graduation:

Courses   Required


4   sequential English credits:

  • Starting with English I
  • English II
  • English III
  • English IV

4   Mathematics credits:

  • Math I, Math II, Math III and a fourth math to be aligned with the student’s post high school plans

3   Science credits which shall be:

  • An Earth/Environmental science course
  • Biology
  • A physical science (Physical Science, Chemistry or Physics)

4   Social Studies credits:

  • World History
  • American History I*
  • American History II*
  • American History: The Founding Principles, Civics   and Economics

*Advanced Placement United States History may be substituted for American History I and II and an additional Social Studies course must be taken to fulfill graduation requirements

1   Health and Physical Education credit:

  • Health and PE Course

2   Elective credits of any combination from either:

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE), or
  • Arts Education, or
  • World Language (Credits in the same world language or demonstration of proficiency in a language other than English as determined by the LEA. Minimum application requirements for a UNC university require students to pass two years of a world language)

4   Elective credits (four-course concentration from one of the following):

  • Education Training
  • Arts Education (e.g. Dance, Music, Theater Arts, Visual Arts)
  • Any other subject area or cross-disciplinary courses (e.g. Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, Physical Education, World Language, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, AVID, Career & College Promise)

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE): In Onslow County, a completer (advanced) course is required for a CTE cluster

Cardiopulmonary   Resuscitation (CPR):

  • As part of the FUTURE-READY CORE COURSE OF STUDY, House Bill 837 G.S. 115c-81 requires that instruction in cardiopulmonary  resuscitation (CPR) be included in the North Carolina Graduation Requirement of a Health and Physical Education credit for students entering 9th grade in 2011-2012 or later.

Graduation   Project:

  • Onslow County requires successful completion of a Graduation Project for graduation.

As you enter high school, you will begin to, or continue to, build a transcript – a record of your academic accomplishments and progress in high school. As it did when you entered middle school, the level of responsibility required from our students increases when you enter high school.

To help more deeply understand this process, each spring, our current 8th graders receive the Onslow County Schools Secondary Course of Study (Grades 9-12). This guide will give you a more detailed understanding of what your high school experience will be like, and what courses and academic pathways are available. Representatives from your future high school and your 8th grade teachers and school counselors will work with our students and parents to guide them through the course selection process.


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