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34th Annual Student Arts Show Recognitions

Sponsored by the Council for the Arts

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The winners of the 34th Annual Student Arts show were announced and honored at a reception at the Council for the Arts on Sunday, March 4th. 

The winners from Onslow County Middle and High Schools are:

Judge's Overall Choice Award
"Last One Standing" - Tara Walton, Southwest High

High School

Excellece Awards

  • "Lennon" - Aolani Brinson, Northside High
  • "Jack Sparrow" - Haley Cieslinski, Swansboro High
  • "Pair O Phoenix" - Susan Day, Swansboro High
  • "Lion" - Catalina Morris, White Oak High
  • "Dead Tea" - Cole Sierra - Jacksonville High

Merit Awards

  • "Media Outrage" - Daniela Alcivar, Northside High
  • "John Lennon" - Alex Blue, Swansboro High
  • "Untitled" - Sierra Dee, White Oak High
  • "Untitled" - Amber Horsley, Northside High

Honorable Mentions

  • "Texture" - Suquanna Butler, White Oak High
  • "Irrational Fear" - Yvonne Espinosa, Northside High
  • "The Concept" - Lauren Hannah, Dixon High
  • "Its Tops" - Lauren Hannah, Dixon High
  • "Cosmic Pear" - Alex Willis, Southwest High

Middle School

Excellence Awards

  • "Big Gray" - Jordanne Badgerow, New Bridge Middle
  • "7 Lines" - Owen Edwards, New Bridge Middle
  • "African Mask" - Belinda Paige Shepard, Southwest Middle
  • "Chinese Luck Dragon" - Shea Youens, New Bridge Middle

Merit Awards

  • "A Dog Named Rosco" - Da-Quan Torres-Huff, OCLC

Honorable Mentions

  • "Black & White" - Braden Campbell, New Bridge Middle
  • "Moon Child" - Brian Douville, Jacksonville Commons Middle

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