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Programs 2017-2018

Schoolwide Programs

A local school meets the requirement of a schoolwide program if the level of poverty reaches 40% or above and operates a program designed to upgrade the entire educational program.  For 2017-18, all elementary schools in the Onslow County School System operate a schoolwide program.  A Title I schoolwide program must include the following ten components:

  1. Comprehensive needs assessment
  2. Schoolwide reform strategies
  3. Instruction by "highly qualified" teachers
  4. Professional development
  5. Strategies to attract "highly qualified" teachers
  6. Parent involvement strategies
  7. Transition strategies (from early childhood programs to school)
  8. Inclusion of teachers in assessment decisions
  9. Timely, effective, additional assistance for students experiencing difficulty
  10. Coordination and integration of Federal, State, and local service


Onslow County's schoolwide schools:



Bell Fork Elementary                                                                  Dr. Greg Williams, Principal

Blue Creek Elementary                                                               Tim Joines, Principal

Clyde Erwin Elementary Magnet                                                   Dr. Tara Patterson, Principal

Hunters Creek Elementary                                                           Teah Bulris, Principal

Jacksonville Commons Elementary                                                Deborah Hoffman, Principal

Meadowview Elementary                                                             Kelly Clarke, Principal

Morton Elementary                                                                     Allene Batchelor, Principal

Northwoods Elementary School of Technolgy and Innovation          Dr. Gail Pylant, Principal

Parkwood Elementary                                                                  Linda Kopec, Principal

Queens Creek Elementary                                                            Elaine Justice, Principal

Richlands Elementary                                                                  Laurie Strope, Principal 

Richlands Primary                                                                       Gena Misciagno, Principal 

Sand Ridge Elementary                                                               Denise Gartner, Principal

Silverdale Elementary                                                                 Dr. Crystal Howard, Principal

Southwest Elementary                                                                Elizabeth Castle, Principal

Stateside Elementary                                                                  Kristie Bracy, Principal

Summersill Elementary                                                               Willie Jarman, Principal

Swansboro Elementary                                                               Page Highsmith, Principal



Dixon Middle                                                                              Leigh Bizzell, Principal

Hunters Creek Middle                                                                 Joycelyn Cassidy, Principal

Jacksonville Commons Middle                                                      Curtis Ehmann, Principal

Northwoods Park Middle                                                              Angela Garland, Principal

Southwest Middle                                                                       Jerome Gidrey, Principal

Swansboro Middle                                                                      Dr. Helen Gross, Principal

Trexler Middle                                                                            Lynn Jackson, Principal



Onslow County Schools Early Childhood Program                  Stacey Conway, Director


          Thompson Early Childhood Center                                     James Lanier, Director            

          Dixon Elementary School

          Summersill Elementary School

          Southwest Elementary School

          Queens Creek Elementary School

          Hunters Creek Elementary School

          Morton Elementary School


Participating Private Schools

Infant of Prague Catholic School                                                Jennifer Cupsta, Principal

F.A.C.T. Private School                                                             Cindy Cooke, Program Manager




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