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Grade 3 Pretest Practice Activity with Answer Key

Sample Items for Grade 3 through 8 Mathematics

Math Interactive Website - grades 3 thru 8 and Algebra I, II and Geometry

Sample Items for Grades 3 through 8 Reading Comprehension

Sample Items - End of Course:  Algebra I, Algebra II, Biology, Chemistry, Civics/Economics, Geometry, Physical Science, Physics and US History

Sample Items - Occupational Course of Student: English I, Math, and Life Skills I/II


North Carolina Alternate Assessments:  alternate assessment with modified achievement standards

NAEP Questions: NAEP releases dozens of sample questions to the public-more than 2,000 questions are currently available. The tools featured here can be used to supplement classroom instruction, provide additional insight into the content of the assessment, and show what students nationally or in your state or district know and can do. Explore the tools or print a quick reference guide to find out more about NAEP.

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