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S.A.T., INC. -- Sponsors For Academic Talent
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What Is Sponsorship for Academic Talent?      

     In 1984, a group of concerned educators and business people met to discuss the educational arena of Onslow County.  It was from this group of people that Sponsors for Academic Talent, Inc. was formed.  They wanted to encourage and promote academic excellence by offering scholarships to worthy students.  These scholarships have nothing to do with financial need; it does not matter what your parents do.  It does not matter if you are male or female or what is your race or religious affiliation.  All that matters is what YOU do.

     Sponsors for Academic Talent, Inc. places a great deal of faith in you.  Think about what they offer.  Every student who meets the requirements outlined in this booklet is guaranteed a $500 or $1000 scholarship.  That means if every student in your graduating class meets the requirements, each of them will receive a scholarship.  Sponsors for Academic Talent, Inc. raises tens of thousands of dollars each year to make these scholarships possible.  There is no competition and no waiting to see if you win or not.  You will know, because YOU and you alone control your actions.  You will know far in advance if you have completed the requirements.  Your SAT coordinator is there to guide you and answer your questions, BUT it is your responsibility to keep in touch with the Sponsors for Academic Talent, Inc. Coordinator in your school.

     The people of Onslow County comprise Sponsors for Academic Talent, Inc.  They are responsible for its existence, its organization and its continuation.  Thousands of dollars are donated to this program each and every year by individuals, businesses, and civic groups of Onslow County.  Sponsors for Academic Talent, Inc. is a private foundation which raises the scholarship money and determines the policies for scholarship attainment.  We are unique.  We believe in you.  We believe investing in your future is an investment in the future of Onslow County.

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