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Onslow County Schools (OCS) Military Transition Counselor Program
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To establish a system wide transition counseling program for the K-12 military students to assist them in building resilience in transitioning into and out of the school system, dealing with the impact of deployment, and to provide support to families by building partnerships between the installations.





To provide excellence in education through building strong, resilient, and successful students living and learning in the 21st century.





  • Communicate information to allow families to effectively advocate for their children in the educational setting.


  • Seek to promote and educate the students, parents, community, and schools about the unique needs of military children.


  • Understand and identify barriers to quality education for military dependent children in this area and develop solutions.


  • Foster partnerships with representatives from various service providers who can provide support and assistance for military families and their educational needs.


OCS Military Transition Counselor: