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Instructional Intervention
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Background Information of  Instructional Intervention

Instructional Intervention Team


  • The Instructional Intervention Team serves as a pre-referral committee whose primary focus is helping at-risk students excel within the regular education program.

Major Functions of the Instructional Intervention Team:

  • Explore ways to enable all students to learn successfully
  • Share teaching strategies to address diversity, learning styles and modalities
  • Provide direct assistance at each grade level to develop and implement intervention strategies for individual students

Instructional Intervention Team Members:

  • Instructional Intervention Team Chair - Functions to gather and organize all necessary paperwork; schedules and facilitates Instructional Intervention Team meetings. The II team chair also functions as a permanent member of the II team.
  • Instructional Intervention Team Permanent Members - Consists of a minimum of two experienced licensed personnel. These members will sit on the Instructional Intervention Team for the entire academic year. Functions to recommend Instructional Intervention strategies as well as assisting in their implementation. Permanent Members may also be asked to conduct classroom observations of students.
  • Instructional Intervention Team Requested Members - These are temporary members that are requested to sit on the II Team by the classroom teacher or member of the II Team. Requested members work on an individual basis determined by the needs of the student. II Team Requested members may include health professionals, program specialists, social workers, or any other professional whose knowledge and skills could benefit the referred student or referring teacher.
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