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School Meals

Meal Benefit Applications are available throughout the school year. A new application is required EACH school year.

Please plan to complete ONE application per household prior to school start date if you believe you qualify for Free or Reduced price meals. Approved applicants are still responsible for acrued charges.

Breakfast is $1.25 and Lunch $2.00 for all grade levels. Adult meals are sold at al a carte pricing. ALL Student Lunch meals must contain a fruit or vegetable choice to count as a meal.

 Great food and friendly service are very important to us! We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our students receive courteous service and attractive, well-balanced meals every school day. Our team of Child Nutrition professionals is committed to excellence. We look forward to serving students every day this school year!

Onslow County Schools provides nutritious breakfast and lunch meals designed around the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dietary Guidelines of MY PLATE. Guidelines restrict the amount of fat, sodium and sugar in our meal selections and encourage increased consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, and calcium rich foods. Potable water is available for cup dispensing at all locations as well as bottled water for purchase.

A student breakfast may include three of four items: 2 breads and/or 1 bread and 1 meat, two fruit, and a milk choice. Oftentimes, the entree is equal to two items (combination meat/grain or two grains). Students may decline any one component of the four items offered. All breakfasts must have a minimum of 1/2 C of fruit.

A student lunch includes 5 menu components from the following categories: 1 meat or alternative, 2 options of vegetables and 2 choice of fruits, low or fat free milk and bread. Each student meal must contain a fruit or vegetable.  Students may decline up to two of any of the menu components offered. Occasionally schools may offer a third choice entree based on availability. Students opting for all fruit and vegetables are required to select a minimum of 1 1/2 Cups fruit and vegetables.

Supplemental items may be chosen for purchase and can be selected from a variety of healthy snacks and additional menu items.

Students who bring meals from home may purchase milk at the alacarte price of .50, even if the child is qualified for free meals. Milk is included as a meal component for all pay statuses.

Online meal payments are available at



Please check menus for your child's grade level to see the daily meal and supplemental sale offerings. 



National School Lunch Program (3 Files)
Download Income eligibility Guidelines 2014-15
Download Quick instructions to completing the application
Special Program for Qualifying Families (1 Files)
Download Verizon Wirelss-Lifeline
Meal Service and Collections (2 Files)
Download Meal Charging & Collections
Download Pre Pay Meals Pay Schedule
Diet Orders (6 Files)
Download December Dairy Free Breakfast
Download December Dairy Free Lunch
Download December Gluten Free Breakfast
Download December Gluten Free Lunch
Download Flow Chart for medical statement
Download Medical Statement
Grade Level Menus (15 Files)
Download April 9-12 Breakfast
Download March Head Start Breakfast
Download Nutrition information for School Foods
Download March Head Start Lunch
Download March K-8 Breakfast
Download March K-8 Lunch
Download March 9-12 Breakfast
Download March NWE Lunch
Download April K-8 Breakfast
Download April K-8 Lunch
Download April 9-12 Lunch
Special Diet Menus (4 Files)
Download Gluten/Dairy Free Breakfast
Download Gluten/ Dairy Free Lunch
Download Gluten/Dairy/ Soy Free Breakfast
Download Gluten/Dairy/Soy Free Lunch