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Division of Curriculum, Research & Global Development Services

Division of Curriculum, Instruction & Global-Ready Services

Susanne Long, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Global-Ready Services  910 455 2211 ext. 20212

Angie Dutton, Coordinator, K-5 ELA  910 455 2211 ext. 20265

Vickie Brown, Coordinator, K-5 Math ext. 20247

MIchelle Chadwick, Coordinator, K-12 Science & STEM ext. 20258

Irene Marley, Secondary Math Coach

LInda Ramirez, Office Support  910 455 2211 ext. 20275


Vision: Excellence in teaching and learning 

Mission: The Division of Curriculum, Research and Global Development Services will provide support and service in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and global initiatives.

Purpose: To support and serve teaching and learning



The Division of Curriculum, Research and Development, and Global Initiatives (CRGD) is part of the Department of Instructional Services and Continuous Improvement. CRGD provides leadership and focus in the following areas:


Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Planning Initiative

  • Provides leadership and support to all K-12 schools through a curriculum, instruction, and assessment, through a standards-based concept-based lens 
  • Uses research-based strategies to assist grade level teams, departments, and individual teachers
  • Assists with the implementation of standards-base and conceptual teaching and learning


 Research, Development & Institutional Review Board

  • Conducts research in the areas of curriculum, planning, implementation and assessment
  • Focuses on the concept of “critical thinking” and how to infuse critical thinking into all areas of instruction
  • Researches resources for implementing and expanding global initiatives
  • Researches the effectiveness of or the comparison among instructional techniques, curricula, or classroom management methods
  • Assist with research dissertation requests

Global Initiatives

  • Provides leadership in the implementation of the Onslow County School System District Global Plan
  • Increase all aspects of our global initiatives
  • Facilitate International Education to include
  • Facilitate Elementary and Middle School Geography Bees
  • Facilitate Spanish Spelling Bee
  • Facilitate Foreign Exchange Student placement
Oversee and Develop Instructional Coaches


Assist with MTSS, Multi-Tier System of Supports Rollout & PBIS, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports/ Integrated Academic and Behavior Supports


Oversee English Learner Development/English Learners

English Learner Services in Onslow County supports students in attaining high levels of English proficiency as well as high academic standards. 

The English Learner Services program provides the following services:

  • Initial services
    • Conduct Home Language Survey investigations to determine a student's dominant home language
    • If a student is determined to be a language minority, he/she is administered the W-APT English language proficiency screener
  • Services once a student is identified as an English learner (according to W-APT scores)
    • Provide instructional services to students based on proficiency levels of student
    • English language development instruction is based on WIDA's five English Language Development (ELD) standards



      English Language Development Standard 1

      English language learners communicate for Social and Instructional purposes within the school setting

      Social and Instructional language

      English Language Development Standard 2

      English language learners communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Language Arts

      The language of Language Arts

      English Language Development Standard 3

      English language learners communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Mathematics

      The language of Mathematics

      English Language Development Standard 4

      English language learners communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Science

      The language of Science

      English Language Development Standard 5

      English language learners communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Social Studies

      The language of Social Studies

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